No Photographs :(

So, other things DO happen in my life other than quilting and photography (and there’s a new photography thing coming up here soon).

My service dog, Bones, managed to get into bubble gum today. I don’t know how or when, but I discovered his vest stuck to him via the sticky, gooey mess. I had my little one (youngest child) help clean the vest while I set forth to clean the dog. Best way ever to get bubble gum out works on dogs and humans….peanut butter. Well, I sat in the floor with a spoonful of the stuff and attempted to comb the bubble gum off the underside of my dog. Another of my dogs would lick the spoon when I leaned forward to comb the guilty party. The third was waiting patiently for his turn. I think he cleaned the floor afterwards.

Because, well, peanut butter is well-loved by my dogs….Bones had peanut butter on his underside where the gum had been, on his paws, on the back of his head (don’t ask me how, I don’t know).

To make this more challenging, I was also wearing three spots of peanut butter on what I thought were my only clean jeans! And….should there have to be an “and”?….there is….. tonight is a school function for the little one (parent meeting with band students). This means that there is a HUGE risk of a peanut allergy at the school event, in just under 3 hours. And I thought I also had no clean jeans. So, go hose down the dog with Dawn dish liquid, have the little one help dry and comb him back out (no one likes wet dog smell, and we found brushing him out gets rid of the smell faster). Then, get lucky enough to find I have a clean pair of jeans waiting for me.

Moral of the story….next time, take photographs, or have someone prepped to photograph the hilariousness that ensues when one must clean errant bubble gum off a pup!