Ice Skating Princess for sale now!

I finally decided to list my little ice-skating princess that I feature as part of my public facebook fan page. If you worked with me during 2014-2015, you’ll remember me working on her at my desk between tasks. All 100% hand made, hand sewn, the whole nine yards. I added fluffy yarn trimming, ice skate accents and snow beading. I feel so accomplished to be done with her, and hope she finds a good home soon. Please help me find a good home?

😉 Siberian



Change in Style

So, after much careful thought, I’m going to shift my photography a bit more in style and intention. I’ve learned that, for me anyway, I have to feel like things have a purpose to be of value to my life. I want to photograph the little stuff, or the “oh that’s really cool” stuff because I’ll remember it. One of the most socially debilitating things about fibromyalgia isn’t the pain, the constant explanations about how I feel and what fibromyalgia is, but it’s the “fibro fog” that comes with it.

“Fibro Fog” as it is not-so-affectionately called, is simply the memory issues and lack of memory function. I can be in the middle of a conversation, and suddenly, I have no idea what it was that we were discussing. This post took me about 3 hours to complete because of the memory issues I have .

I quilt because I can work with fabric and touch the fabric, thread, needle, machine, scissors, iron, rotary cutter, rulers, and other things native to quilters and form memories from them. I can look at items I’ve sewn or quilted and remember what I was thinking, touching, doing, living, etc. from these items. I want to capture that in my blog. The feeling of fabric. The texture of fabric. The beauty of perfect or imperfect seams. All of that gorgeous stuff that helps me. Maybe it will help others to see through my eyes, and not just see through a generic camera lens pointed at what the popular photographers shoot.

Blessed Be.

Take a look at a quilt that I was inspired to create for a friend who was just entering back into the harsh working world after the blessing of being able to stay at home to raise her children. I knew it would be a huge change for her, and I wanted her to have something that would make her smile at work, no matter what.