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Don’t forget that I have set up!

I could use a few more supporters. My patrons get up-close views as to what exactly is going on with my quilting, versus just getting cool pics of what I’m working on. Today’s pic is one of the ones I just explained in detail, as an example. Feast your eyes on the pretty gold, red, and brown you see here, but know you could get the full story by supporting me!



In over my head….

Sometimes I sign myself up to do the impossible, and decide to try to do it anyway. I have to say that I am apparently a glutton for punishment at times.

I’ve got one project where I’m hand-sewing the binding (and I’m about to swap to machine sewing the binding because I’m frustrated, and have about half to go).

I’m working on a baby quilt that is impossibly difficult to quilt (but I signed up to work on it anyway….and it’s so cute, too!).

I have another one that is a TON of applique. Did I mention ANYWHERE that I just really love applique? Good, I didn’t. I won’t. I like binding more than applique most days. Not always, but when there comes a point that you’re “over it”, you’re just going to be over it.

I have another that’s half-quilted. It’s been that way since 2013.

I have two other tops needing quilting. Can I just say my project list at the moment is longer than my finished list? Or at least it feels like that. At points like this I decide to go back and finish other projects, reorganize my studio, or look at my finished projects stack and remember how I pushed through on some projects. It’s sometimes really tough. Sheesh!


So, two projects down

And so many more to go!

I got my fibromyalgia awareness quilt finished “Regardless, I Go On”. In spite of the pain, in spite of the body-crippling pain and fatigue, I choose to go on with my life. Doesn’t mean my path actually looks like what you’d expect. It kind of spirals out of control, but not in any kind of predictable spiral. It’s tough to realize you’ll never escape this path once you’re on it, and it’s incredibly tough just living with it. That’s the idea behind “Regardless, I Go On” and what it stands for.

It’s 20″ x 20″ square, and has crystals attached to it. There’s stars (and admittedly, in photographs, they really don’t show up as well), and then there’s a crystal at the front of each forward-facing point on the path. A “normal” purple day has a normal purple crystal, but each flare has an amber/orange crystal to signify it’s significance. The “back paths” where my path turns back on itself, you’ll see the backs of the fabrics. You’ll also notice that each time I have a flare (indicated with some color other than purple), my path darkens. Even if you’re just looking at the backs of the fabrics, you’ll notice the path continues, but you can’t see any crystals on those points.

You’ll have to wait a day or two for pics of the other one. It’s a bit big and I need good outdoor conditions to take the best shot of it. The one I can’t show you tonight due to the quilt’s size is going to go up on Etsy for sale.

If you feel that this fibromyalgia quilt is something you’d like to make, I have everything prepped to make it a pattern and include tutorial videos. 😉 Just let me know!



Very Quick Update

rsz_wp_20160613_13_22_01_proI’ve been out of commission for a few days, and am really not up to speed again yet (& not sure I will be for another week almost). Fibromyalgia and back injury gave been really attempting to run my life for me.

Anyway, I wanted to post a picture of what I’ve been working on and pushing through to get done. This is my basket of over 100 blocks waiting to be pressed and have the last seams sewn. On to pressing and sewing I go!

Fibromyalgia strikes again

Due to a fibromyalgia flare that I am currently fighting, this week’s post will be delayed by a day or two. I promise to get working on it, but I have not been able to get to editing and resizing so that I can post the next set of car shots on my normal Monday postings. I will get them, and I’m excited about them, but just couldn’t do it right now. So, file this under “coming soon” and “fibromyalgia sucks” if you like… Thanks!