Daisy in my garden?

This beauty just bloomed in my garden in front of the house. I thought it was a dandelion at first. Now I think it’s a type of daisy. Can anyone help?


Belated St Patty’s Day post

I can’t believe I let the holiday go without making a post! I swapped out my St. Patrick’s Day wall hanging for an Easter wall hanging on Friday. My boys at the house gave me such a hard time, saying that the holiday phrase looked like St. “Potty’s” Day. Have you ever had two critics say the same wrong thing about something you’ve made?

One last square

I ended up with one extra square! I cut JUST ONE EXTRA two years ago. What a good thing! I usually end up with “not enough” of whatever it is I’m working with. For once I have enough! Time to celebrate!

Backyard shocker

I stepped outside this morning, shocked to find I have more flowers blooming! I wanted to share with you the beauty I found. These are tiny flowers (I thought these were hydrangeas, but I must be mistaken looking at these flowers), but they’re about 2-3″ across the widest part, and there’s a lot of them. If you know what bushes these are, I’d appreciate some insight!