He’s finally been gifted, so I can introduce him to the world!

I decided to be a pattern tester for another lady’s website, and she had this beautiful schnauzer dog I could test. I got the pattern in August and finished my first block in September. 29 more blocks later, I finished up Freddie on Thanksgiving morning this year… Completely quilted and bound and labeled.

There’s only 2,252 pieces in the top of this quilt alone!


Resting and recharging

Tonight I’m taking a break from my fevered pace of sewing and quilting and putting my feet up…. And my faithful companion is taking advantage of the situation! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Happy holidays…Thanksgiving edition

As everyone keeps reminding me through email and text, this is the holiday of giving thanks. There are so many things I’m thankful for today that I can’t really list them all.

We’re going to be celebrating Christmas early….as in today and tomorrow at our house, and I’m very thankful that we have this opportunity to spend time with our family. So we have Thanksgiving decorations up still, and our Christmas lights and tree are also up now.

I’ve finished a quilt that’s a Christmas present and made the extra stocking we need for Santa’s visit down our chimney tonight! Enjoy your day as we go enjoy our day!

Bias Binding and Hot Chocolate

I’ve got one child already home for the holiday week, and I get to go pick up another tomorrow. So what am I doing?

Well, the Voice is playing on TV, and I’m working on cutting some bias binding for a quilt. I’m also sitting with a cup of hot chocolate and chatting with some distant friends via Facebook. What a good way to end another long day!

Happy Monday, friends!

Christmas prep

So, I’ve set up my studio for full-on production mode. I’ve got one machine set up embroidering and another set up for sewing and some of the quilting.

Next year’s products are starting to come together already! Quilt 1 is red embroidery with mint green borders. Quilt 2 is starting embroidery with dark green!

Oh how I love the holidays!