All done

I’m finally all done with the top and am amazed how pretty it is. The pattern is called Crystal Prism and was designed by Jeanie Sumrall-Ajera for Hoffman. 


All Eight 

Finally! I have all eight of the wedges assembled to the quilt I’m working on. This is two wedges like they’ll go together in the quilt. Tomorrow I can start sewing wedges into quarters of the quilt! Whew! So many pieces!

Back into the swing

I’ve been home from Paducah for a week now, and I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of sewing again. After seeing every day for a week in Paducah, I have kinda slacked a bit after unpacking everything. 

Here’s my progress on a quilt kit I picked up in Paducah. Once I finish, I’ll reveal the name of the pattern in case you wanted to order it from where I got it (I’ll reveal that when I reveal the completed quilt top).