Valentine’s Day Obligatory Post

I feel obligated to finally celebrate Valentine’s and other holidays on my blog, so you’ll see quite a few of these this year. 😉

For the “holiday of love”, I want to compare it to a different holiday or two. The one thing Valentine’s Day is known for today is the cards, flowers, and candy that lovers are “supposed” to exchange. It’s highly commercialized. Think about the holidays we’ve just come through. Thanksgiving (where you are to give thanks and stuff yourself silly with food), Christmas (where you are supposed to give gifts to those you care about, and even those you don’t), New Year’s (which is a big party day, but isn’t celebrated universally except for a kiss exchanged at midnight), and now Valentine’s Day (where you are supposed to, again, spend money on superficial gifts and be kind to those not in relationships).

I was at the big W earlier today, and they already have St. Patrick’s Day “stuff” out. But mind you, not as much stuff as Valentine’s day. There were flowers all over the store, reminding those who’d forgotten that they might want to pick up a bouquet. There were balloons and stuffed animals everywhere. I think this is the one holiday where men are encouraged to “shop” for others. It boggles my mind that we have so many holidays that are so commercialized. I’m staying the rest of the holidays out of the stores this year to avoid the commercialism. Next holiday up, I’ll keep my post more light-hearted. Thanks for reading!


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