Pen, dryer, and quilting

Well, it was bound to happen, wasn’t it? My son left a pen in his pant’s pocket and it got washed, and dried. I really SHOULD have taken photos of the dryer drum afterwards. Black ink EVERYWHERE! And it’s a NEW dryer, too. 😦

One load of towels later, there’s only a little bit of ink left over in the dryer, but it was still beyond aggravating!

In quilting news, I’ve finished binding the Quilt of Valor I’ve been working so hard on. I also got it labeled. I have one other Quilt of Valor I have put the binding on (but no label yet). This has my quilt load for the year at 5 finished quilts (if we don’t count labeling, and we count wall hanging quilts). My next quilt up is also a Quilt of Valor. 😉 That will finish that stack of UFO quilts (Un-Finished Object).

I can’t wait to show you the quilts I’ve finished this year so far! I think if tomorrow is clear, I’ll go take the photos to show them off to you all!


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