In over my head….

Sometimes I sign myself up to do the impossible, and decide to try to do it anyway. I have to say that I am apparently a glutton for punishment at times.

I’ve got one project where I’m hand-sewing the binding (and I’m about to swap to machine sewing the binding because I’m frustrated, and have about half to go).

I’m working on a baby quilt that is impossibly difficult to quilt (but I signed up to work on it anyway….and it’s so cute, too!).

I have another one that is a TON of applique. Did I mention ANYWHERE that I just really love applique? Good, I didn’t. I won’t. I like binding more than applique most days. Not always, but when there comes a point that you’re “over it”, you’re just going to be over it.

I have another that’s half-quilted. It’s been that way since 2013.

I have two other tops needing quilting. Can I just say my project list at the moment is longer than my finished list? Or at least it feels like that. At points like this I decide to go back and finish other projects, reorganize my studio, or look at my finished projects stack and remember how I pushed through on some projects. It’s sometimes really tough. Sheesh!



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