Art, is Art, is Art, is Art, is Art, …..

There is a news story really hitting the quilting industry right now. One of the big players (okay, REALLY big players) in the quilting industry is the giant known as AQS (American Quilter’s Society). I’m even a member, and it has its little perks to being a member.

This story has even me a little beyond miffed. At least one quilt has been pulled from an AQS show for having offensive material in the quilt. Namely, a major player in what makes boys….boys. Really, the only part of the male anatomy that really is hugely hidden in a lot of art. Now, the same artist has had multiple works featured showing in detail, sometimes a bit gory, in my opinion, of the female form. Does that make it less art than art? NO!

Here’s the link to the artist’s story about what happened:

Quilting is art. Quilting will always be art. Quilting is no less art than something that hangs in our local museums and was painted on canvas. Let’s raise awareness that quilting needs to be respected just like all other art is respected. Censorship of quilting art because one person was offended that the piece wasn’t “traditional” should get that offended individual shown to the door, not the art sent back to the artist after it was already accepted. Help share this story around.



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