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Please share this post out.

This is a rare non-quilting, non-photography post. Please help share the word about the mental and emotional strain of fibromyalgia sufferers. This video and song combo is a great explanation of the severe level of pain that many people (including me) experience.
Thank you in advance for sharing. Fibromyalgia sufferers everywhere thank you.

In over my head….

Sometimes I sign myself up to do the impossible, and decide to try to do it anyway. I have to say that I am apparently a glutton for punishment at times.

I’ve got one project where I’m hand-sewing the binding (and I’m about to swap to machine sewing the binding because I’m frustrated, and have about half to go).

I’m working on a baby quilt that is impossibly difficult to quilt (but I signed up to work on it anyway….and it’s so cute, too!).

I have another one that is a TON of applique. Did I mention ANYWHERE that I just really love applique? Good, I didn’t. I won’t. I like binding more than applique most days. Not always, but when there comes a point that you’re “over it”, you’re just going to be over it.

I have another that’s half-quilted. It’s been that way since 2013.

I have two other tops needing quilting. Can I just say my project list at the moment is longer than my finished list? Or at least it feels like that. At points like this I decide to go back and finish other projects, reorganize my studio, or look at my finished projects stack and remember how I pushed through on some projects. It’s sometimes really tough. Sheesh!


Art, is Art, is Art, is Art, is Art, …..

There is a news story really hitting the quilting industry right now. One of the big players (okay, REALLY big players) in the quilting industry is the giant known as AQS (American Quilter’s Society). I’m even a member, and it has its little perks to being a member.

This story has even me a little beyond miffed. At least one quilt has been pulled from an AQS show for having offensive material in the quilt. Namely, a major player in what makes boys….boys. Really, the only part of the male anatomy that really is hugely hidden in a lot of art. Now, the same artist has had multiple works featured showing in detail, sometimes a bit gory, in my opinion, of the female form. Does that make it less art than art? NO!

Here’s the link to the artist’s story about what happened:

Quilting is art. Quilting will always be art. Quilting is no less art than something that hangs in our local museums and was painted on canvas. Let’s raise awareness that quilting needs to be respected just like all other art is respected. Censorship of quilting art because one person was offended that the piece wasn’t “traditional” should get that offended individual shown to the door, not the art sent back to the artist after it was already accepted. Help share this story around.


Can’t draw cupcakes

I went today to an artist drawing event here in Huntsville. It’s a great event for figure drawing artists. I can’t even do a stick figure well, though. I get quilt block inspiration, and that’s why I go each month.

Well, they wanted us to draw a cupcake with the model. I can’t even think cupcake. Isn’t it so sad that as a quilter, I don’t do well with food drawing? Anyway, got a couple cute drawings done. Go see them as a Patron on my patreon site (look up thesiberianwind)

Charity to clear the head

I have been hitting mental roadblocks on my normal quilts. I’ve got two on the wall, and just can’t think through them. Could be the fibromyalgia, could be the meds, we just don’t know.

I decided to pick up a charity quilt that had been sent to me to quilt whenever and give it off to charity when done. Well, it’s done. 😉 Back to regular programming? Maybe!FontCandy


No Photographs :(

So, other things DO happen in my life other than quilting and photography (and there’s a new photography thing coming up here soon).

My service dog, Bones, managed to get into bubble gum today. I don’t know how or when, but I discovered his vest stuck to him via the sticky, gooey mess. I had my little one (youngest child) help clean the vest while I set forth to clean the dog. Best way ever to get bubble gum out works on dogs and humans….peanut butter. Well, I sat in the floor with a spoonful of the stuff and attempted to comb the bubble gum off the underside of my dog. Another of my dogs would lick the spoon when I leaned forward to comb the guilty party. The third was waiting patiently for his turn. I think he cleaned the floor afterwards.

Because, well, peanut butter is well-loved by my dogs….Bones had peanut butter on his underside where the gum had been, on his paws, on the back of his head (don’t ask me how, I don’t know).

To make this more challenging, I was also wearing three spots of peanut butter on what I thought were my only clean jeans! And….should there have to be an “and”?….there is….. tonight is a school function for the little one (parent meeting with band students). This means that there is a HUGE risk of a peanut allergy at the school event, in just under 3 hours. And I thought I also had no clean jeans. So, go hose down the dog with Dawn dish liquid, have the little one help dry and comb him back out (no one likes wet dog smell, and we found brushing him out gets rid of the smell faster). Then, get lucky enough to find I have a clean pair of jeans waiting for me.

Moral of the story….next time, take photographs, or have someone prepped to photograph the hilariousness that ensues when one must clean errant bubble gum off a pup!

New Project

My Patrons at my know what I’m working on, but you guys also get to see the pic of the fabrics I’m using. I’m so excited about this one! Join my patron list to see what I’m working on, and when I get started with something. You also get to see new content first as a patron. 😉 Gotta support my thread purchases somehow.