The Death of a Quilt

The hardest thing to do sometimes is the right thing. It’s really hard to admit defeat when it comes to a quilt project that you design and created. I’ve had to do this for the third time in my quilting career. I couldn’t even really talk about it much yesterday. I have a project that I’ve been working on for 3 years that is just due to be scrapped. It would take me another three years of stress and tears to finish it, so I’m about to repurpose the parts are important into a simpler version of the quilt. There hard version it’s just too hard the way I did it, and my patience has worn through.
So today, I’ll go get more fabric, and start the replacement quilt process.

In other news, I also scrapped another project because my hands just couldn’t do the work that was needed. It’s not a quilt, but a home décor project. Alas, some days just prove that you weren’t meant to be productive.


Challenging Tasks

So, I’ve taken on some rather interesting challenges lately. I just posted pics recently of a “my path” challenge quilt I completed. I’m currently finishing up another challenge (not due until September, but I’m okay with being ahead of schedule). And the kit for another challenge just came in. The bigger challenge in all this is to get back to a challenge quilt I started of my own for someone special and getting it done in time for AQS deadlines for Paducah, KY show in 2017.

All my progress pics get posted up to Patreon. Don’t hesitate to join me there and make a small pledge to help my quilting habit keep going and see what’s going on in my studio. Thanks!


Two new listings!

I’ve been very busy cranking out finished items! So much so that I’ve got two new items listed. One is a round pillowcase (based on votes to which one I should finish next). The other is a flannel quilt I started in 2013 and just put away to finish. I’ve got about 15 more of these “partials” to go before I’m only on current projects, but it’s exciting! Go visit and check out each of these items and see if they fit what you’ve been waiting for!

Let’s get some feedback

I’ve just posted a video on youtube to test out my video skills and such. It’s not really a good teaching video (I jump topics, something I’ll make sure I don’t do in the future). I want to know what you all think of my voice, the video quality, etc. I want good and negative comments alike so I can fix it all in future videos. It’s less than 15 minutes of your time, and I’d really appreciate the help.

View it here: and thank you!


So, two projects down

And so many more to go!

I got my fibromyalgia awareness quilt finished “Regardless, I Go On”. In spite of the pain, in spite of the body-crippling pain and fatigue, I choose to go on with my life. Doesn’t mean my path actually looks like what you’d expect. It kind of spirals out of control, but not in any kind of predictable spiral. It’s tough to realize you’ll never escape this path once you’re on it, and it’s incredibly tough just living with it. That’s the idea behind “Regardless, I Go On” and what it stands for.

It’s 20″ x 20″ square, and has crystals attached to it. There’s stars (and admittedly, in photographs, they really don’t show up as well), and then there’s a crystal at the front of each forward-facing point on the path. A “normal” purple day has a normal purple crystal, but each flare has an amber/orange crystal to signify it’s significance. The “back paths” where my path turns back on itself, you’ll see the backs of the fabrics. You’ll also notice that each time I have a flare (indicated with some color other than purple), my path darkens. Even if you’re just looking at the backs of the fabrics, you’ll notice the path continues, but you can’t see any crystals on those points.

You’ll have to wait a day or two for pics of the other one. It’s a bit big and I need good outdoor conditions to take the best shot of it. The one I can’t show you tonight due to the quilt’s size is going to go up on Etsy for sale.

If you feel that this fibromyalgia quilt is something you’d like to make, I have everything prepped to make it a pattern and include tutorial videos. 😉 Just let me know!



Ice Skating Princess for sale now!

I finally decided to list my little ice-skating princess that I feature as part of my public facebook fan page. If you worked with me during 2014-2015, you’ll remember me working on her at my desk between tasks. All 100% hand made, hand sewn, the whole nine yards. I added fluffy yarn trimming, ice skate accents and snow beading. I feel so accomplished to be done with her, and hope she finds a good home soon. Please help me find a good home?

😉 Siberian


I’ve got a poll going!

I just posted a poll on facebook! First one for me, ever. I need help deciding which of these two projects I want to do next. I’ve got my Etsy store that needs new products (although, sadly, I haven’t sold anything there yet), and figured pulling out some old UFO projects (Un-Finished Object) to finish up would be quickest. I just have NO IDEA which of these two needs to get done first, and need a little help deciding.

Want to go vote? Go to

Please vote soon!