Moving on up!

Okay, so a little about what’s been going on here in my studio! I’ve gotten one quilt ready and prepped to quilt (I’m going to be patient on quilting it…I’m still thinking on how to quilt it). I’ve also gotten a TON of squares cut for some cute 9-patches that are going to ship off to block swap with a lot of other avid quilters. I’m seriously hoping the swap lady doesn’t feel overwhelmed with my stash of 9-patches I’m sending her way in less than a week!

I’ve also gotten a little more established this past week. I’ve got a live twitter account @wind_siberian, gotten a few things into my Etsy shop (, and set up a Patreon page (where you can pledge to help support my quilting and keeping me going each month… LOTS of online time to get all this going! If you also want to keep informed in your Facebook page, go like it at .  So, on to the pretty stuff!

Here’s some of what’s been on my cutting table today. I HAVE to say…I really hate plaids and ginghams. Oh, and mini-polka dots. They’re so hard on my eyes! I’ve got a plan for 936 5″ squares to go into the 9-patches I’ll be sending out. I’m just over a 1/3 of the way and have the rest of this week to get them cut, sewn, and sent. I also have to get a super-secret quilt only my Patron pledges get to see until it’s posted on Etsy for sale.  If I am not rambling enough, I also have a very top-secret plan in the works that may bring some cute and adorable embroidery designs your way from an up-and-coming designer….I just can’t wait!!!! (*Editing note: I really can’t delete any of the content, and realize I tend to ramble when I’m excited. Very Excited. Really Very Excited. ROFL!)


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